Rendsburg is definitely worth a visit. The apartments are located in the historic town centre.

The old town centre of Rendsburg with the St. Mary`s church dating back to the year 1286and the town hall surrounds the church. Just follow the blue line on the pavement to see all the beautiful sights of the town. The shops in Rendsburg have an extrensive range of goods on offer.

The rivers Ober- and Untereider, the town`s lake as well as the Kiel Canal can be seen as an agreeable contrast to the small alleys of the old town. The area around Rendsburg has got several nature reserves and can be reached on one of the numerous walking trails or cycle paths. The marina is only about 500 metres away.

Also close to the apartments is the famous bridge across the Kiel Canal. It is unique because of the ferry that has been taking passengers from one side of the canal to the other since 1913. The ferry is hung up on the old bridge and does not even touch the water. The ferry is waiting for listing at the UNSECO.

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